We add your apps, websites, softwares and tools for free. If you need to list down your product on whatsmypr so you have to email all the required information to the following email address: whatsmypr AT gmail.com

Required Information About Your App/Software/Website

TITLE: [ small keyword/title which describe your site well ]
URL: [ correct path of your app or software website ]
DESCRIPTION: [ describe your app/software/website in one line ]
LONG DESCRIPTION: [ detail information about your app/software/website ]
CATEGORY: [ choose exact category name ]
LANGUAGE: [ what is the language of your product ]
OPERATING SYSTEM: [ send your app/software/website OS ( its usage for mac, android, ios, linux or online web ) ]
DEVELOPER: [ who is behind it ( can be a person/company ) ]
IMAGE / IMAGE URL: [ file should be an icon size ( sizes: 60×60, 70×70, 80×80 ) ]

After the submission of the information, it will take 48 hours to approved or decline the info.

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